Lortab Addiction Symptoms

Lortab addiction is a topical issue in the United States today. Lortab addiction not only makes life difficult for the patients, but also becomes a burden for family members and friends.

Lortab is a prescription drug that causes a soothing effect just like that caused by morphine or heroin. It is therefore used to relieve mild to severe pain. The drug contains hydrocodone which is why it is closely regulated in the United States. Hydrocodone is combined with several other components to make Lortab.

The presence of hydrocodone makes Lortab a schedule III drug and, hence, it is not closely regulated. This makes it susceptible to abuse by many people who can obtain the drug easily. It often leads to addiction.

When used for medical purposes, Lortab is administered orally. It is generally taken in liquid or pill form. However, addicts may take it by swallowing the pills, chewing, snorting or dissolving for easy absorption into the blood stream.

Lortab Addiction Symptoms

Lortab works in a similar way to codone on the patient. It generally involves the brain and the muscles. Although the drug’s impact on the brain is not yet known, it is believed that it connects to the opiate receptors located in the brain. In a similar way to the other analgesics, the drug causes mood swings, mental cloudiness and intense drowsiness.


Because of it highly addictive nature, Lortab should to be used cautiously and in a well regulated way.

Often, a person may have no medical history of drug abuse, but become addicted after taking Lortab for a few weeks. Some individuals use the prescribed dosage for some time.

Once the effects weaken, the person is forced to use a higher dose of the drug to get the same desired results. This then leads to addiction. Some addicts suffering chronic Lortab addiction may even seek out the drug from a number of doctors in an attempt to maintain supply.

By changing the sensitivity of pain receptors in the central nervous system and the spinal cord, Lortab may have a pain relieving effects in addicts. The symptoms of Lortab addiction also affect the patient’s mental perception of pain. Long term use of the medication can cause irreversible damage to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Patients suffering from Lortab addiction experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they try to halt the use of the drug especially if they have used the drugs for a long period of time. Others may be able to conceal the physical symptoms of Lortab addiction. This makes it difficult to spot them.

Those experiencing persistent pain that do not have not adequate medication may experience frequent mood swings and psychological illness. Other symptoms include disturbance, sleeplessness, painful bones and muscles, restlessness, diarrhea, nausea and anxiety. If this happens, contact your health care provider to prevent deterioration.

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