Lortab Addiction Treatment

When used according to the directions of a doctor, Lortab is an extremely helpful drug in the management of different forms of pain. Continued use of the drug, however, can cause tolerance and physical dependence. Tolerance builds up when the body adapts to the effects of the drug. So increased doses of the drug are required to retain normality. One major sign of addiction to the drug is a powerful craving for more. Treatment for Lortab addiction may not be as simple you may think. This is a characteristic of all opiate drugs which cause enduring physical and emotional addiction.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

When seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is important to consider all the treatment centers that are available. This will ensure you get the best treatment for your condition and requirements. In general, make sure that the health care provider is reputable.

Five major treatments for Lortab addiction are currently available. These include:

  1. Talk Therapy – Unlike certain other medications that may take a lot of time to treat the condition effectively, some people respond fairly well to talk therapy. This involves giving different methods of action including social interactions. Because humans are naturally social beings, they are forced to connect. Many treatment centers offer talk therapy by specializing on the emotional aspects of addiction. However, the effectiveness of this traditional method may be generally low because opiate drugs cause both physical and mental addiction which may have long lasting effects.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy can be extremely successful when aimed at managing specific situations. Often, these two therapies are used in conjunction during the treatment of Lortab addiction. This can help deal with many symptoms of Lortab Addiction. It focuses on particular behaviors exhibited by the patient. These may include being withdrawn, stealing and lying.
  3. Rapid Method – Rapid detox is a medical treatment that involves the use of anesthesia to increase the rate of withdrawal as the user sleeps.
  4. Accelerated Neuro–Regulation (ANR) – This is a very sophisticated treatment option which has a high efficiency rate. This method treats Lortab addiction as a physical complication. It is easily treated because only advanced methods are used. This treatment is carried out at a reputable treatment center under close observation by only qualified and experienced medical personnel. All steps are closely monitored to ensure that the patient emerges from the process a “clean” person.

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