Lortab Addiction Withdrawal

Lortab addiction can occur unexpectedly. Lortab contains acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is used to manage moderate or severe pain. Like all other narcotic medications, Lortab is habit forming. The drug is marketed under numerous names including Vicodin, Norco, Lorcet and Lortsab. Lortab is also an effective cough medication because it is an efficient anti-tussant.

Lortab is regarded as a schedule II regulated substance in the United States. This is because of its ability to cause tolerance and addiction to the users. The drug must only be taken as instructed by a health care provider. Abusing the drug in any way can have fatal consequences.

Ingesting a high amount of acetaminophen may cause liver damage. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you notify your health care provider about all other medications that you may be taking.

Lortab Addiction Withdrawal

The doctor needs to know about all the prescriptions that you may be taking. This also includes drugs bought over the counter. It is important to note that you can take Lortab in a safe way provided that you follow the instructions of the health care provider. Plus Lortab is a helpful medication to many people in the management of different forms of pain. Repeated use of the drug for a long time span can result in tolerance and later addiction.


This means that the effectiveness of the initial dosage will deteriorate over time. When this happens, users are highly advised to contact their health care provider for appropriate treatment. However, this may be difficult to detect. If the user decides to halt the use of the drug abruptly withdrawal symptoms occur.

Withdrawal symptoms are usually a sign of addiction when the person is said to be physically addicted to the drug. The most effective way to tell if you are already affected by an addiction is to reduce the amount of dosage you are taking or to cease using the drug abruptly. If you get withdrawal symptoms, then you are addicted.

The sooner you seek reliable treatment (800-303-2482) for the condition, the better. Withdrawal occurs when the body starts to detox from the prescription. It is pretty challenging to withdraw from Lortab without a clear medical plan. This is because of the withdrawal symptoms which can be dangerous at times.

Lortab withdrawal symptoms include painful muscles and joints, anxiety, sleeplessness, restiveness, trembling, diarrhea, nausea and involuntary muscle action. Obtaining the proper treatment for Lortab addiction withdrawal is of utmost importance. It helps to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

If you know someone affected by Lortab addiction, make sure that you help them seek proper treatment at a treatment or rehabilitation center to avoid dire withdrawal symptoms. This aids recovery and rehabilitation.

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